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Hopen FiskHopen Fisk is a fish processing company in Vågan county, strategically located in the middle of Lofoten , close to plentiful fishing grounds.

The plant is built in accordance with existing requirements for the food industry , and stands today as one of the most modern and flexible fish processing companies in Northern Norway . This has given rise to an increase in the production of value-added products rather than being a mere supplier of raw materials.

Hopen Fisk has endeavoured to invest in modern and efficient machinery at the plant, as well as exploiting this through effective and efficient production lines. In general , the company has had a strong focus on food safety, traceability and hygiene, in accordance with customers' increasing requirements for documentation of the quality of the products.

Food Safety Authority approvals has achieved MSC approval.

In addition to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s approvals, the company is MSC and KRAV certified. The company has been very conscious of continually striving to maintain high environmental and ethical standards , which are of utmost importance for customers in their choice of suppliers.

Company Information

Hopen Fisk AS
Hopsveien 42
NO-8310 Kabelvåg
PH.: 76067440
E mail: 992 854 456
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