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Hopen Havn

HavneforholdHopen has one of Lofoten's best natural ports. Hopspollen is well protected from the wind and the weather . The inlet was already made deeper at the government's expense in 1891-1892 , and has since been dredged several times.

In Summer 2002 the inlet and the harbour was dredged again by the Coastal Authorities. Today the inlet has a depth of 5.5 - 6 meters , and the harbour a depth of 6-7 meters at the quayside.



Hopen Harbour is approved as an ISPS Terminal - The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code - called the ISPS Code, prepared by the UN Maritime Organization . The purpose of these regulations is to protect ships in international traffic against terrorism. The passengers and the crew are also covered by the rules.

The regulations and safety measures include ships over 200 gross tons in international traffic and the ports where these ships dock.

"Regulations on the special security and anti-terrorism measures in Norwegian ports " implement those parts of the ISPS Code required at port terminals serving such ships. The regulations were temporarily introduced on 1st July 2004. The Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs issued on the 3rd July 2007 a new "Regulations on the protection of ports and port facilities against terrorist acts, etc. . "

Areas covered by the ISPS are basically closed to the public. Everyone must present a valid access card to enter an ISPS port facility . The operators of the port terminal are required to check any visitors.

Hopen Harbour is, however, only covered by the regulations when the ship due to dock is subject to the ISPS code. Apart from this, the area is open to the public.



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